Economic Update

Please enjoy a small snapshot of current global market economic conditions that currently affect Australian stocks, property and personal wealth.

This summary is taken from our Weekly Client Investment Report that we send to our SFR Advisory clients to help them keep up to date with the market. We have been managing some of our clients investment portfolios for over 25 years.

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  • Australia coronavirus number beats all government projections.
  • Saudi-Russian oil talks & US-China trade agreement gives hope to markets.
  • Australian government’s massive rescue package supports markets
  • Central banks globally will commence QE by buying corporate debt & keeping retail banks lending.
  • RBA to hold historically low rates (0.25%) for the medium term.
  • Aussie dollar slumps to 17-year low (making Australian goods & services cheap).
  • SFR Market Assessment Chart suggests our equity market is good value (Page 5 of our SFR client investment report).


  • Bank dividends under threat.
  • Economic consequences of global shutdowns incomprehensible.
  • Global recession almost certain.
  • Australian economy technically in recession.
  • Market volatility index (VIX) suggests more volatility to come.
  • Economic downturn from Coronavirus to continue.

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