What is a Self Managed Super Fund?

A self managed super fund (SMSF) is a trust structure which is used to manage retirement savings on behalf of the fund’s members. Investing in property as part of a SMSF is a popular superannuation strategy in Australia as it is tax effective and provides excellent financial benefits.

Buying direct property via a self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be an appropriate strategy which enables you to earn superior returns in a highly tax effective manner. SFRPP can help you choose, buy the best investment property to add to your superannuation fund and comply with the complex SIS legislation.

Our SMSF service includes:

  • Strategy Discussion Strategy discussion to ensure property fits within your superannuation strategy
  • Goals & Structure SMSF structure and overall financial and investment goals
  • Extensive Research Extensive market research to identify suitable areas and suburbs with the best rate of return for your investment
  • Shortlisting Properties Searching and shortlisting properties which are suitable for your super fund
  • Analysis of Returns Analysis of rental returns and comparable property values
  • Negotiations Negotiation of price on your chosen property
  • SMSF administration & advice As part of a multidisciplinary financial services company “SFR Advisory Group” we can ensure all areas are covered.

There can be many benefits of buying property with your super fund. However, purchasing property within a Self Managed Super Fund does not reduce the need for proper research and analysis. As with all superannuation investments, you need to be careful and diligent in doing your research. And that’s where we come in: SFRPP will not only give you the edge in the Perth property market, we’re also experienced in assisting people buy investment property with a super and helping our customers maintain strict compliance with relevant legislation.

Benefits of SMSF Property Investment:

  • Greater control of your own investments
  • Ability to borrow safely via non-recourse loans
  • A maximum of 15% tax on net rental income if SMSF compliant with SIS laws
  • Zero capital gains tax on income or capital gain after the age of 60 under certain conditions
  • Some renovations now permissible with SMSF
  • If you haven’t yet set up an SMSF, we can refer you to an accredited professional within the SFR Advisory Group to create the right structures at an affordable cost

What type of real estate can I buy as a SMSF investment property?

  1. You can buy residential, commercial or industrial property as part of a self managed super fund
  2. You cannot buy your own principal place of residence in a SMSF
  3. You can however, buy your own commercial premises and lease back to your company (Business Real Property)

Why engage SFRPP for my self managed super fund?

  • Using our SFR Property Professional services means you will make a safer investment choice for your super fund. We are licensed through SFR Advisory Group in all aspects of SMSF rules and regulations so you can avoid the many mistakes that can be involved. The other key benefits include:
  • We’ll show you how to buy property using your super fund
  • We offer additional services such as SMSF administration, audit and compliance advice through SFR Advisory group suite of financial services
  • You receive great property investment advice
  • You gain a superior knowledge of growth spots and prices

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